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The world can be more beautiful if we pay more attention to what is surrounding us. NauticaMagazine wants to bring you closer to the nature, by showing you the local paradise, partially unknown to many of our country fellows. We chose for presentation the stunning beauty of the Romanian waterfalls that will certainly let any visitor breathless. The local waterfalls visited by the tourists from abroad have enjoyed such a large circulation of positive opinions among the trips lovers that they became Romanian tourism seduction. Let's find our more about them!

The Romanian beauty consists on genuineness, wildness and uniqueness. Amongst the most known waterfalls (cascade) are Cascada Calului, Cascada Bâlea, Cascada Urlătoare, Cascada Putnei, Cascada din Munții Piatra Mare and Cascada Vadu Crișului.

Cascada Calului ( Horse Waterfall) is the largest waterfall in Romania, with an average height of 90 meters. It is located at 1300 meters altitude in the Rodna Mountains (north-eastern side of the country) and takes its water from a glacier basin situated in the neighborhood. The arisen river water strands flows over a limestone cliff called “Podul Calului (the Horse's Bridge), as a result of the cave carved by the water power.

Cascada Putna (Putna Waterfall) or Săritoarea Putnei (Putna's Kumper) located in the Natural Site of Vrancea is an approximately 80 meters high waterfall, whose water is collected by a 12 meters depth lake. It is a protected area, being declared a Natural Heritage in 1973.

Cascada Balea, of a awesome beauty links the Moldoveanu and Negoiu peaks (in the northern side of Fagaras Mountains). It is the largest stepped waterfall, with water strands falling from 60 meters. The waterfall is supplied from the glacier lake Bâlea. You can get there by car till the Balea Hut, then following the route indicated in red.

Cascada Urlătoare is one of the most visited touristic sites in Romania, due to its location, close to the Bucharest capital. It is placed in the Bucegi Mountains, on the route of the Jepi to the Bucegi plateau. Its height counts 15 meters and the legend says that a shepherdess committed here a suicide.

Cascada Beusnita includes a waterfalls in a row on the Beu River, located in upstream of the lake Ochiul Beului. It is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Romania, with the riverbed carved in the limestone. This phenomenon leaded to the the creation of a series small dams, water reservoirs, and small caves/ caverns.

Cascada Vadu Crișului, situated in Pădurea Craiului Mountains, has approximately 11 meters in high and is supplied with water from Vadu Crișului Cave. Its landscape is unique worldwide, attracting yearly thousand of tourists.

Less impressive then Niagara waterfall, the waterfalls in Romania are part of the “More beautiful world of Romania”. We heartily recommend you to visit all of them! You won't regret it.

Published in: februarie 2013
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