Letea Forest, the exotic area of Romania (photo)

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Who does not dream of a holiday in an exotic destination? However, less get to experience such an getaway because prices for travel and accommodation. But what you say about an exotic vacation right here in Romania? Not a joke, but our country also has its exotic piece of beauty seems unrealistic. And transportation costs are not exorbitant up there ...

It's Letea Reserve, specifically Letea which is Delta! Surrounded by water, rare plants and species of creatures almost as in Amazon Letea is one of the special areas in Romania, though forgotten in a corner, not very throughput turişti.Motivul: they lack promotion and exploitation in terms for tourists. Because, believe it or not, Letea has something to offer in every respect: from landscapes, to natural resources and rare species of plants and animals.

Travel on water

Forest is located in the north of the Danube Delta and covers no less than 2825 ha. Once there, the view whereas it takes over your eyes. Not allowed to do hiking alone, so a guide, navigator, starting with you and other travelers on a journey by water, including floodplain forest oak, gray oak, white lime. The trip takes an hour and a half and costs about £ 35! Worth it! Not just for scenery, but for the stories and information that tells the user throughout the journey. On the banks of water meet exotic plants that have sprung up by chance, because migratory birds. Walking the waterways of the boarding dmiri Letea lets the villagers away from traditional homes and their boats carefully anchored to the shore.

Between rainforest and desert

In forest and have appeared hundreds of species of plants, one more attractive than the other. These include plants such as wild vine tendril climbing forest, liana hops and Greek (Periploca graeca). One of the plants that provide all nature reserves Mediterranean look. Find over 500 species of plants, forest consisting mostly brumării oaks, poplars, ash, lime, and exotic plants. If you're lucky a good guide, you can admire the apoape oaks over 700 years. It is also the only area across Europe where you can meet creepers.

And between the rain forest and desert are only 300 meters away! Once you enter in the desert, still wonders! There are over 2,000 species of insects can be found here and the sand viper (Vipera ursinii) eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla), hawk, raven, etc.. And besides all this, surely you remember Letea horses! Wild horses wander freely through the woods and ponds as true natural values. A trip worth tested at least once in their lifetime. Working experience and beauty that you load such a world is impossible corner repordus words.

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