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Holiday season began, and tourists are looking for destinations at sea! Many oscillated between Bulgaria, Turkey and Crete, but overwhelmingly choose Romania! Some of it we are and we still wonder where we can spend the holidays on the water in Romania, according to price, landscapes and activities! The first thoughts go to the Black Sea and the Danube Delta!  Two of the biggest attractions of Romania, widely promoted and holding facilities for international tourists even attractive!


Options to spend your vacations in the Danube Delta pours! Throughout the season there are organized walks or canoe or canorca individual on its arms. It also organizes fishing or sailing competitions involving Romanian names of these sports! And besides famous nautical and fishing trips, water lovers can enjoy skiing or practicing thrills of scuba diving escapades in an organized environment! In addition, if you are adept cruise, there you facility to purchase a ticket to one of the two floating hotels in the Danube Delta. It will be an unforgettable experience on the Romanian lands!

Black Sea!

Relax, splashing, madness and hundreds of terraces! It can be described in full Romanian seaside tourist season! Even if there cruises are lacking, it is possible to rent yachts and specialized centers, to have fun with skijet's, bannana and many other craft that you are available for rental centers. And if you love scuba diving, you can consider yourself a really lucky! There are organized tours made with specialists. Attractive, no?


For people with health spas in Romania are among the first in the world on medical outcomes offered. Even if facilities are not international or employees are not just smiling as overseas resorts in Romania can boast truly specialist physicians rebounds! Among the most appreciated and popular resorts in Romania are Baile Herculane, Baile Felix, Ocna Sugatag, Covasna and Slănic Moldova. These resorts can treat skin diseases such as, posttraumatic sequelae, vascular disorders or impairments, and more serious ones. Health is a constructive way to spend your holidays in resorts in Romania, where in addition to healing treatments, enjoy and relax.


Published in: aprilie 2013
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