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Islands full of magic

  1. Komodo Island Komodo Island is located in eastern Indonesia. The animals were listed as the largest reptile, named Komodo, located on the island and does not exist anywhere else aka the native habitat of the Komodo dragon. This place is a great tourist location for travelers who want to experience…
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Holiday on the water in Romania (photo)

Holiday season began, and tourists are looking for destinations at sea! Many oscillated between Bulgaria, Turkey and Crete, but overwhelmingly choose Romania! Some of it we are and we still wonder where we can spend the holidays on the water in Romania, according to price, landscapes and activities! The…
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Letea Forest, the exotic area of Romania (photo)

Who does not dream of a holiday in an exotic destination? However, less get to experience such an getaway because prices for travel and accommodation. But what you say about an exotic vacation right here in Romania? Not a joke, but our country also has its exotic piece of beauty seems unrealistic. And…
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Spectacular Romanian waterfalls

The world can be more beautiful if we pay more attention to what is surrounding us. NauticaMagazine wants to bring you closer to the nature, by showing you the local paradise, partially unknown to many of our country fellows. We chose for presentation the stunning beauty of the Romanian waterfalls that…
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What route should we choose when visiting the Danube Delta?

After a 2840 km trip, the Danube creates the most beautiful delta in the world: The Danube Delta. This process lasts for over 16 000 years, the Danube gathers all rivers from Europe and it poures them in the Danube Delta, one of the most humid area of the planet. Today it's considered the newest…
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