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The most expensive ports in the world can be amazingly expensive during the season, is available exclusively for millionaires! However, in high season holiday yacht has become a real tradition. Is the most fruitful in terms of the financial world's billionaires and ports are seen, etalându-and luxury to the photographers.

During this period, the port authorities are huge gains, and investments are above expectations! Reason: promotion is everything! The cost of a night in peak season berths and can start from $ 4,130! And popular during international events such as the Monaco Grand Prix, a yacht owner could end up paying $ 100,000 for a stay of five days spent in a berth in the port of Monaco. Below we have listed five of the most expensive ports in the world, where the world's billionaires spend their annual vacations. Especially because here are organized and the most important boat shows in the world and Dubai Boat Show, Boat Show New York Boat Show Singapore ...

1. Marina di Capri
The Italian port is the most expensive of all. The price of nights spent at berth yacht is about $ 4,000 in high season. Capri became the target celebrities since 1950, when Clark Gable, Sophia Loren and Jackie Kennedy had come to spend their holidays here. Currently, packages Capi Island became a tradition, and among celebrities coming year include George Clooney, Beyonce and Jay-Z.

2. Port of Portofino
Initially, Portofino was a small fishing village and now has one of the most beautiful harbors in the world. Only the rich can afford to dock in the port since it has only 14 berths, and the price is about 3335 dollars per night. Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko, director Steven Spielberg and singer Rihanna are some of the celebrities who have benefited from the docking port of Portofino exclusive privacy.

3. Porto Cervo, Sardinia
In the late 1950s, HRH Aga Khan developed the port as a private retreat for family and close friends. Over the years, there have sprung high class boutiques and nightclubs, which have raised the price. If you own a yacht 50 meters or more, you can expect to rent a berth with "only" $ 3,100 a night in high season. Port maintains its exclusivity and rights to select customers, even George Clooney being denied entry at a time.

4. Port of Saint-Tropez
Located in the south of France, Saint Tropez has long been associated with the rich and famous. This city on the French Riviera, with its narrow streets and quaint kept its charm, offering uniqueness. Marina allow entry yachts more than 70 meters long, the area being adored by elebrităţi like Paris Hilton. The price starts at berths $ 3,000 per night.

5. Ibiza Magna
biza Magna or the young famous and rich island ! The port is located minutes away from the night clubs and casinos, and docking here costs $ 3,660 per night, if the yacht is under 60 feet long. Those that exceed this size are transferred outside the main port. This has made its presence felt several times Eclipse yacht doui ranks among the highest in the world, whose owner is Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich. You on top of these sea ports visited by billionaires like to see?


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