New luxury resort arises at the Romanian seaside

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Romania will soon have a seaside resort addressed to the high life clientele, summing up luxury hotels, heliports, fine sandy beaches and a la carte service. The Constanta's authorities have completed the draft of the future luxury resort and submitted it to the Ministry of Tourism. The new resort, called Tuzla Parc, will target people with a living standard above the average.

According to the draft, Tuzla Parc will spread over 5 km of beach, from the lighthouse till the water castle in Tuzla. A 500 ha surface will be covered by luxury hotels, 2 heliports and a port and several casinos. Therefore, the resort will be easily reached by water means, this facility allowing the development of private yacht trips.

4 and 5 stars amenities in all inclusive regime

The hotels are to include casinos, relaxation centers, SPA and wellness facilities, tennis playgrounds, specialized centers in water sports. The free time offer is reach: from enjoying the traditional food, Mediterranean and international cuisine, to the windsurfing gateways, scuba diving, surf ski jet and many others. This is expected to increase the tourists number in the neighboring resorts such as Costinești or Techirghiol

In addition, the construction of the new resort is thought to offer many jobs to the local people, especially to those experienced in building engineering and designing. There will also be opportunities for young people in the tourism industry, like cooks, waters, bartenders, hotel personnel, sales people, marketing specialists and so on. Such a big project can certainly create thousand of jobs.

Project to be started in 2014 and to be completed in 2015

The construction works are to be started in the spring of 2014 and the whole project is designed to be completed in 2015. The resort is planned to be opened in 2015 to the Romanian and international tourists, whose number could exceed 3,000 during the weekend, according to the local authorities. The total estimated cost of the investment is about hundreds million of euros, funding coming from the EU and County Council of Constanta.



Published in: februarie 2013
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