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They are big, spectacular and just right for tourism! They are the biggest harbor on Earth and they attract millions of tourist every year through their colossal look and through the imposing look of the luxury boats that are anchoring here. Are you ready to see them and find out which are the most imposing harbor in the world? Then open your eyes! Next follows a short, but effective top!

As an introduction, you should know that the discharge capacity is measured in TEUs (ISO standard for a container). Based on this, we found that most of the ports that we will be listing are from one country: China.

1. Shanghai (China): With a total of 5 working areas, Shanghai Harbor is the biggest in the world and it exceeds Singapore Harbor. In just one year, here were managed more than 29 millions TEUs. Here is developed a big economic area, Yangtze Rive area, which helped with the economic development of Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Henan areas.

2. Ningbo-Zhoushan (China): Is something like a cooperative society, it realizes since 2006 a fruitful collaboration between Ningbo and Zhoushan Harbors. This is the second biggest harbor in the world. Its activity is spread on three rivers - Yangtze, Yong and Qaintang - and it brings a huge profit for its development. Until 2014 the construction of a new terminal is anticipated, Dapukuo Jintang, which will have 5 berths.

3. Singapore (Singapore): This is the third biggest harbor in the world and from an economical point of view it has a very important part in the development of the retail sales market. The Singapore Harbor is connected with 600 ports from more than 100 countries. Regarding handling, the harbor deals with a fifth of the containers traded worldwide and is responsible for the transit of almost 50% of the global supply of raw oil.

4. Tianjin (China): It is located on Haihe River. The Tianjin Harbor is connected to over 400 ports from almost 200 countries in the entire world. It is appreciated that in the next four years here will be made considerable more links.

5. Qingdao (China): It has an opening to the Yellow Sea and is located in Shandong Peninsula. The Qingdao Harbor competes in size with Japan and South Korea, the world leaders for shipbuilding. Is a natural port and is connected to more than 450 ports from 130 countries.

If you read the article and you still aren't amazed, wait to see our photo gallery. This spectacular pictures will make you wish for a vacation on at least one of these harbors. Enjoy!

Author: Gina Rotaru

Translated by Ana Maria Andronache


Published in: noiembrie 2012
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