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Vacation to relax and recuperate? Lands mioritical resorts offer a wide range of healing properties of various diseases! From dermatological diseases to neurological esitate lakes in Romania for recovery springs and spas that have become attractions for people from abroad. Among the most recognized spa in Romania is Felix, Băile Herculane, Băile Olăneşti and Sovata! And high-level health resort appreciated in Europe for its unique properties and is Sovata!

A favorite resort in the largely because women do wonders especially gynecological diseases. The vast majority of tourists come to this resort regularly observed significant remeliorări inflammatory diseases, rheumatic diseases or degerative. Also Sovata enjoy miraculous properties and on post-traumatic conditions, cardiovascular diseases or diseases of the nervous system. According to doctors and cure rates, most properties of the lake helps to cure gynecological diseases such as ovarian failure, infertility, chronic cervicitis chronic metrosalpingitis. But equally, it is the ideal place for a relaxing holiday in nature, even if you suffer from any of the diseases.

Helioterm saline lake Ursu

The biggest attraction of the seaside resort, appreciated in Europe for its uniqueness and is owned properties saline helioterm Bear Lake, one of the most popular lakes heliothermal. Or lake with miraculous powers, as I say some of the tourists who love this place. Bear Lake water temperature differ. The dive deeper, the water is heated, it is cooled and in the case of conventional varnish. The water is salty and lake bottom silt mud is found particularly astonishing that demonstrated effectiveness in curing gynecological diseases, diseases of peripheral nerve and rheumatism. It's where tourists do not go only to heal, but also to spend a truly relaxing holiday with attractive services and a fresh, hard to find in many other locations in Romania. 

In recent years, Sovata felt a renovation of both architectural and medical. Around the seaside resort appeared hotluri miderne and cutting-edge medical equipment. The area is hilly and adorned with beech, elm, chestnut, oak and fir trees. Also, here is the Salt Mountain, which offers unique facilities and oportunităzi relaxation and recovery. Climate in Sovata is one subalpine, so you can enjoy the summer coolness and winter temperatures slightly higher than other similar areas. A relaxing destination for health, with adequate facilities to have a restful stay.


Published in: mai 2013
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