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As we entered to the peak season, the prices have exploded! If you've not enjoyed so far the Romanian seaside holidays, from now on you can do it with a hefty budget! Accommodation increased by 20-40% depending on the resort selected and the period when you book! The accommodation per night at a three stars hotel now starts from 250ron per person, one to four-star hotel is around 600 ron per person, and you can stay at five-star 1,000 ron/ night person!

And if you opt for packages with meals included and all-inclusive amenities, then prices jump and stronger, a vacation can cost you £ 5,000 per person for a week. You seem tempting? The answer can easily see the number of applications on the market. In week Apartment offered by1st  May and Easter hustle and bustle were commonplace now weekends are pretty bare. Glimpse here and there by a group of young, eager for fun who prefer accommodation at the lowest prices and free facilities to just enjoy fun in the nightclubs or outdoor parties organized by the City on the coast.

Differences up to 40% compared to the 1st of May

In contrast, tourists who yearn for relaxation, comfort, attractive services and facilities designed to make them opt for pleasant holidays holidays pachelete out to our neighbors înainatre Bulgarian or Greek! If you are adventurous and want to request accommodation directly at the reception Hôtes fork out 40% more than the price charged by the hoteliers 1st May. If you book your home before the sâteva weeks, the price is 20% higher over the same period. How Somehow, these amounts on Romanian seaside holidays are about 40% higher than last week!

In Mamaia, a five-day stay at a three star hotel can cost aprximativ 1500 ron per person, while in Greece it reaches about 300 euros (all-inclusive). And if you prefer all-inclusive you can pay 200 euros per room for five days spent in Rhodes. As Bulgarians, and there prices are more convenient than the Romanian seaside, especially that packets entering and transport: 5 days from 205 EUR single room. And if you're concerned family and double rooms are available and many Bulgarians oferint price 150 ron / person per night.
Pretty great, do not you?


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