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A perfect holiday is not only about choosing the destination and purchase your ticket from a travel agency! You have to decide what you want to do during the day and what types of activities would you do with your eyes! And as most tourists want to visit and try new things, be optional trips. What are they and how can they ăparcurge more pleasure? Well, after our skin felt some "defects" of optional excursions on your own and organized by agency, we thought we'd share with you some tips. Not the other, but to not lose the pleasure of the holiday ...

Whatever your destination, any travel agency offers optional excursion package. Of course, all are chargeable and will cost you some money and there. Some only provide transportation to destination, putting you to pay entry to museums or other tourist spots, others have "all in one", but the prices are more affordable package.
In addition, most of the times you are forced to go to exursiile optional ing organized, even if you do not feel ...
So what is the best choice?

Optional excursions organized by the Agency

It is the easiest and most comfortable casual. You say you want to travel agency handles everything. Problem: the price is slightly higher (think of the commission took it from the owners museums or attractions that has rented boats or other tractor or trailer), and walking takes a fixed time. So whether you want to spend more or less time there, depend on the program made travel agency. And if you bought one pack each day optional excursion, you can not miss! Everything is done on a fixed schedule and paper in hand. So if you feel like the beach all day, must announce through a written request that quit optional excursion that you paid in the agency. This does not mean that you will get your money back upon return ....

Optional Excursions on your own

This is hard to organize! We need to find those who rent a car or boat, to find their program to inquire the price for not being fooled and lisa goes on. If you take it as an adventure, or in a quite relaxing, you will ensure a pleasant holiday! That's because you walk fixed where you want, you can stay as long as you and in addition, you can descoiperi new things, and that the true tradition of their side-tracked areas, not necessarily travel. However, if you are fussy style, choose pentreu an "all in one" of the agency. A trip on your own, things might not go the way you want! But if you look at the bright side, you can say that you experienced things that no travel agency can offer you a standard package. Personalized and do not find ...

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