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In what state we spend May 1st at Romanian seaside? Choose the place where the parties is at home! There are a few days until the bass will make the heart sătresară and music will resound for miles! Authorities are run with final preparations and guests with luggage doorstep! 1 Where are we heading the Romanian seaside?
Of course, where excitement, music, fun and beach party sites are at home. Specifically, in the life of the Romanian seaside resorts which are the delight of many years young ...

While families opting for Mamaia, Eforie, Cap Aurora, Venus, Saturn sauJupiter young people prepare to step into Vama Veche, Costineşti or Mangalia! Where the madness is at home, where you until dawn hustle and speakers vibrate much until after midnight! There are no resorts with too many demands and too many rules.
Accommodations are relatively cheap and tents are appearing even before the official launch of the fun May 1 Romanian seaside! With money in their pockets, or come camping, young people come here to experience the feeling of freedom a freedom without restrictions or air ... you say, you are tempted by such excapadă?

Vama Veche

Good music, fun as spending includes many waterfront! It is the resort with the most eager young fun on the beach in large groups where friendships. We can say that over the years, has become the meeting place of the worst revelers, with many possibilities, but a free spirit! Vama Veche is in first place in the top seaside resorts on the Romanian May 1st!


Fun as covers, and relaxation. In Costineşti extinction is given after midnight! Of course, not May 1, when revelers "migrate" from one resort to another looking to continue partying. Even though the concert stop earlier than in Vama Veche, that does not mean the fun ends! The terraces are open almost until dawn, and youth groups are springing up almost every street corner.

Tourist Port Mangalia

Concerts with famous artists and terraces for comfort! It's the kind of fun that you found in the capital, doarcă Adaptor landscape! Feel agitation during concerts, sand through your toes and you can enjoy a beer in a style conforrabil the terrace, feeling the sea breeze. A station for young people, which is suitable for, to some extent, and families with children. If, however, you want a quieter resort, you can choose Eforie Nord Mamaia, where the smell of barbecues will strike from the entrance to the resort. No one here will miss the music and mirth, especially the 1st, the grates, the terraces will be at your fingertips 24 of 24! So May 1 Romanian seaside holidays enjoying its own style. You miss to decide what you want and go-for it! Or, you can opt for a vacation 1 the Romanian seaside, feeling fun from each state, one by one ...


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