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Ecotourism has emerged, and Danube Delta became one of Romania's top attractions! More and more Romanian Danube Delta opting for holidays in exchange for the Black Sea, and the main reason is the fauna and opportunities for relaxation Delta makes available. From boating to fishing and tourists enjoy the facilities provided by the hotel owners, owners of guesthouses or companies specialized in organizing holidays.
Thus, a well organized holiday can make you fall in love with Delta!

Even if you go to a travel agency for holidays in Delta or an organization of your own, you must take care to some basics! Luggage for a holiday by the book should contain things that will give you and your family's safety and comfort you need. If for a seaside holiday we need a swimsuit, hat and sunscreen for a pleasant stay in the Delta number of products that must hold is increased, depending on the activities that we want to operate during holidays.

Checked with remedies

For starters, you should not soar alone into the Delta. Choose a guide or organized group tours. Thus, you risk losing and especially to injuries. Information and documentation centers on the Danube Delta lies in Crisan and Uzlina. There you will find all the information needed for any activity you want to do! In the Danube Delta there are many fascinating areas of beauty and temptation to explore every nook and cranny of nature is great.
Do not go on the road without a good knowledge of places, not to get lost. That's because you should not spend the night in the open, especially in the months of May-June seasonal because of mosquitoes.

In any type of trip you soar, there are some essential things that you should not miss the bag. Navigation for walking or Delta cauziuc must have boots, hat, waterproof clothing (or even a waterproof jacket), first aid kit, water, garlic (for mosquitoes), some lemons (stops itching mosquito bite), vinegar (missing pain after mosquito bite), flashlight, a packet of biscuits simple. The sandwiches avoid products that smell strong and rapid declines. Otherwise, free fun for a pleasant stay in the Danube Delta.


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