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Boarding Constance ... landing Venice! Romanian first direct cruise will leave the port of Constanta! Since September, one of the largest cruise company in the world will have the boarding and departures in the port of Constanta, Romanian luckily! And first destination is Venice! Romanian port authorities concluded a constract the famous cruise liner MSC, which opens maritime tourism in Romania, launching opportunity to become Constanta Port and terminal boarding passengers, not just transit and landing.

Thus, in September, the Romanians who dreams go on a cruise every chance to do it directly from the port of Constanta. First out will take place in September and the ticket price for a cruise vacation for five days, with the final destination Venice costs 500 euro, along with the return flight to Bucharest! A national premiere, which will surely many spectators crowding cruise holidays in Romania. Ship cruises will start boarding Constanta port will be MSC Musica, which can carry as many as 1,000 passengers. What do you say, Will you be among them?

October with lower prices

If the September launch of the terminal and the first cruises departing from the port of Constanta costs around 500 euros per person, the second departure will be somewhat lower prices. At least that show travel companies ticket seller. On October 19, 2013 another MSC Musica cruise ship will leave the Romanian port of Constanta with passengers bound for Venice, and the price of a five-day vacation aboard it will cost between 250-350 euros per person. For 250 euros tourists can be accommodated in an interior cabin with 300 euros you can opt for outside cabin overlooking the ocean, and more should be 350 euros to stay outside cabin with balcony.

The price includes accommodation for four nights on board the cruise, three meals per day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and snacks on some nights, non-alcoholic drinks during meals, daily activities program, programs difertisment evening evening gala gym and fitness equipment and free pool or jacuzzi, says The money does not enter medical, optional shore excursions, access to the wellness center and spa, drinks outside the main meals, your Internet Service Charge 7 eur / day / person and port charges 80 eur / person. However, the price still does not exceed a holiday in Greece or Turkey on a four-star hotel with all meals included.


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