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Yacht rides are organized near Bucharest. More specifically, the Lake Snagov! One of the most beautiful areas near the capital has become a tourist attraction because of the luxury facilities offered to visitors, but also its architecture. In addition to new housing land bidding and high Snagov has a admirable architecture due Snagov Monastery and Palace. Are two of the main attractions around which opened clubs await. This is also why Snagov began to be labeled as "paradise fun".

A large lake, boats of all types, vegetation cover and clubs as to provide you with fun nautical. What more can you want from a getaway from everyday life, even in close proximity to Bucharest over-crowded? Maybe a comfortable boat and a skilled navigator ... you find at discretion. Snagov jetty offers one-hour tours on the lake, and clubs provide a fun nautical needed days of relaxation. And if you want luxury, get to Snagov Residence Yacht. A portal for events, which is characterized by luxury, privacy and lake scenery.

Cruises Snagov

Are situated in the heart of leafy Snagov and offers stunning scenery. This is why many choose this location for organizing important events in their lives such as birthdays, weddings, birthdays, conferences or major releases. In addition, here visitors can choose pentry yacht rides on Lake Snagov with Leader Yacht. A luxury yacht, which has a capacity of 50 people and is organized cruises on Lake Snagov. Not necessarily organized cruises for relaxing walks, but also protocol dinners, business meetings, parties and why not sports. That's because Leader Yacht is equipped with the necessary equipment for recreational water sports. In short, an exclusive area of ​​Snagov, where facilities take into account only the budget.

Themed events

As for the organization, the company provides you with all the necessary facilities: the caterers, chocolate fountains, hostesses and to experienced navigator. Trips are also in demand, and luxury boat is decorated according to the theme and taste event organizer. It is one of the few areas in addition to Bucharest where a yacht trips Leader Yacht type known to navigators for elegance and quality. However, if you want to enjoy a mini-trip inland on Lake Snagov, opt for a pedal boat or small boat. So you feel the most pleasant navigation Spring!

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