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Easter holidays have passed, but summer is coming! And if you are passionate about sailing, you certainly  think at a holiday at sea! Which is why we stopped at a mini yacht holiday in the Black Sea! Pretty close to home, quite adventurous and a lot of opportunities for fun! We opted for a sailing yacht, which give us comfort, all the fun and all the security we need! What came out? A real crazy!

The skijet rides, sailing, scuba diving escapades ... And the list goes on with outdoor parties at any time of day or night. Not the other, but in the sea, we have no time limit or noise! So the fun is at home, and the prices for such getaways are a little lower than other destinations. The budget depends on the number of days allocated to cruise and facilities that want to benefit. Some companies offer cruises sailing yacht for two hours, but five or ten days! You that you want to test?

Holidays for two hours or a day

For those without leave, but fierce desire navigation, cruise travel agencies have found the best solution! Cruises sailing yacht for two hours or a day! Depending on the company chosen yacht cruise may be for two or more people, and their appreciation rental starting at £ 130 and can exceed 250 euro per person. Sailing yacht for sailing with more passengers have equipped kitchen, two bathrooms, a lounge and, depending on the price of scuba diving equipment. As for destinations, these sailing yachts you can stroll through Istanbul, Balchik, Nessebar, Varna and Odessa.

Holidays from two to over 5 days

There are many facilities, but also the prices are a bit steep! The vast majority of agencies offering such cruises sailing yacht in the Black Sea tourist services available to bring them to a professional skipper, towels, bedding, ensure cleanliness and many other details designed to make your stay as comfortable. The destinations are almost the same as those from holidays for a day, and prices range from 500 euros / day for short periods (one to three days) and about 400 per day if you stay more than five days. So if you want to have a holiday and how the book as economic, opt for cruises sailing boat for a period longer than five days. So that you enjoy and landscapes, but also a full relaxation at sea.


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