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River cruises on Europe have a special charm. Thanks to clear waters and exotic destinations, they are considered among the most special water travels around the world. And when it comes to cruises, there is a variety of tempting offers. However, you can’t find anywhere a trip to give you everything: from wonderful landscapes up to the most demanding and comprehensive facilities. But this search ends with a cruise on the Danube River in Central Europe, the continent’s second longest, after Volga. Regardless of cruise ship you choose and the facilities it offers (usually luxurious ones) will be a refreshing journey. We’re not telling stories, but a truly amazing experience.

Danube is a famous river in European countries for different reasons. Not just because it crosses from west to east the largest continent of the world, but on its way it reaches lands that seem taken from Jules Verne books, combining cultures with traditions and different lifestyles. This river crosses no less than ten countries, transcends beyond borders and covers the most special maritime geographical areas of the world.

Why cruise on the Danube?

First of all, it is the only European river that allows you to explore the whole Europe in one cruise. Secondly, you’ll be fascinated even before the first stop! And we say this from experience! From Germany to Romania, there is a compelling cultural realm, which is a real pleasure to attend. You can easily see the culinary differences and mentality of nations, things that could change your perception of your own life.

Wonderful scenery, calmness of water and soft breeze, combined with elegance, services and punchlines guarantee you not only a unique cruise but also vibrant and exciting experiences. Pleasant sensations will convince you to come back. Unexpectedly, we tested what lies beneath the big picture of a cruise on the Danube.

In addition to landscapes, services and pure freedom, the cruise on the Danube is lived, through unique experiences of life, every culture of the region crossed by the cruise. You can taste theri traditional cuisine and you get a few minutes to fit the style of each culture visited. Experiences after which you get to see in another way, more pleasant, your lifestyle.

Types of cruises on the Danube

We recommend the cruise on the Danube, from Germany to Romania, with great love. However, if you already tested this route, travel agencies offer a variety of cruises on the Danube. You can choose the route, destinations, facilities and number of days required, searching on the websites of companies specialized on cruises on the Danube, companies such as: Destination Travel, Eurotrip, Hercules Tour, Open Tour, etc.

Generally, a pack of eight days on the Danube cost between 1,000 and 2,000 euros and include stops at the most important points on the tourist map of Europe. If you want luxury and famous ports, there are packs that allow you to extend your trip from 10 days to 14 days, but also increases the cost, depending on the features you desire.

Whatever you choose and whichever country you are in, try the refined traditional cuisine of the place, check the culture of the area and explore the villages, lands, houses and the history of the places you go through. This way, you’ll have a complete experience regarding a well organized cruise on the Danube. Most of these want to impress you to the smallest detail and welcome its guests with delicious food and recreational activities. If you do not plan the trip in a hurry, you have 100% chances to gain a memorable experience, that you’ll want to repeat again and again. Like we do…

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