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Okay, there are only few days until the 1st May vacation and almost a week to Easter! We all prepare bags, promotional packages and travel agencies ... While many of us have opted for Romanian seaside holidays or abroad, others were directed to cut the Easter holidays 2013, to provide all necessary facilities plus a dream holiday! If you have not yet booked a place I have prepared hottest cruises Easter 2013 walks you through places such as Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Tunisia and ... Delta!

2013 is clearly the year of ecology and ecotourism! And Delta is the second favorite destination for the celebration of Easter Romanians after the Romanian seaside. That does not mean seaside, Bulgaria or Turkey, are in great demand for the Easter holidays 2013. Cruises for 2013 Easter holidays were not first in Romanian election but were positioned above one percent sales compared to last year. Sign that the Romanians began to open cruise tourism, understanding the benefits and facilities pusurile!

Cruises Easter 2013

If cruise vacations in the past does not fall below 500 euros per person if you're a little lucky, you can get a 3 day cruise holiday even ... 150 euros. It all depends on how bitter you încăutări! The most popular cruises are Mediterranean Easter 2013. Romanians opt for Greece, Spain, Italy and Bulgaria as a destination and great prices for three days starting from 200 euros persaonă and can reach 600 depending on the features offered.
And to benefit from a € 600 all inclusive to any itinerary you choose the Mediterranean (Greece, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria and even Turkey). Appreciation are more attractive than those charged by the Romanian Danube Delta cruises, but here things do not seem to be bad.

Cruises on the Danube Delta

Delta cruises are floating four-star hotels, each hotel has an accommodation capacity for 18 people, and the program is five days (four nights), full board throughout the stay. During this time the water is held skijet amusement, fishing boating or relaxing in groups. Appreciation is around 75 euros per night per person.
In price not included amenities such as French speaking guide, English, German, craft journey, spirits, artistic or medical uality. What do you say, for what direction you're headed for holidays and celebration of Easter May 1st?

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