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Holiday cruise in Mediterranean at Thassos price hollidays? At first you say it's not possible! At least in Romania, where holidays during the crisis would seem a luxury. Well, some travel agents tour operators showed us that ... way! They made several offers on cruise holidays at least 6 days at the price of a holiday in Greece or Bulgaria? The result: start to open slowly but surely, the market cruise holidays in Romania!


Attractive features and „one country every day”. Is the phrase that your prints to mind after several discussions with employers cruise agencies in Romania! Marketing strategy or not, the fact is that the prices are really low and more and more Romanian beaches have crossed the threshold from "Romania's Tourism Fair 2013". Attracted huge placards in front of the stands, Romanians were interested in the detail of cruise holidays offers. Not the other, but the distance does not seem unattainable luxury! It is now up to what destination tend you go because there are holidays cruises to get over 40,000 euro...

7 nights in the Mediterranean - from 238 euro

For example, Pegasus Hollidays came knocking with an offer to stay for all inclusive even Greek land. Specifically, 7 nights cruise in the Mediterranean, under the all inclusive, starting at 238 euros. Departure is from Valencia, is passed through Malaga, Cagle (Sardinia), Civitavecchia (Rome), Ajaccio (Corsica), Palma de Mallorca and Valencia back. All go on ... and those from Club Cruises offers cruise holidays of 7 days from 299 EUR, itinerary Italy, France & Spain Civitavecchia (Rome).

Tempted the Caribbean? And here we have the top deals! A 7-day cruise, an all inclusive starts at € 265 and can reach 768 euros in high season. Of course, departures do not occur in the Black Sea, and transport to the boarding, which takes place in Colon (Panama), and aeropornt fees are not included. So those 265 euros, add it are around 1,300 euros! Thus, a alkl inclusive vacation in the Caribbean for 7 nights can lead to 1,500 euros per person. However, prices seem to be caught in Romania! True, there are many acquisitions in the Caribbean or exotic destinations exceeding 2,500 euros per person, most Romanians choosing cruise holidays to a thousand euros per person. What you say is worth?

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