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„Nautica Magazine”, a member of the „Nautica” family, a project that has American know-how and shareholding, is an online magazine which aims to occupy leadership position in online media in a field not very well represented in Romania.
With the first online appearance in November 2012, the magazine is exclusively dedicated to the internet with 30 active headings and 60 monthly articles, with daily updates and columns for: Ads, Auctions, Shop and Community.
Designed on the "all in one" principle or on a strict terminology an "integrated system", the magazine wants to offer his visitors all the information, products and services needed to choose, buy and use boats of any kind and in any field of interest.
Addressed to users that have a passion for the naval field and search for recognition and membership to a community, the magazine aims to unite sailing enthusiasts, boat owners with sports enthusiasts, fishing and boat modeling, and it's also opened to posts from partner blogs, the purpose of the magazine is to become "Navigation Partner" to enthusiasts and amateurs, according to the motto "My sailing companion".
The magazine hopes for a quick launch and a permanent presence in shipyards and Romanian showrooms and also those in Europe, USA and Australia with the purpose of connecting interested visitors with the global supply of boats.
The „Nautica Magazine” is written by Romanian journalists in collaboration with specialists of the nautical field, we present information in all nautical areas and we pass on information of general and specific interest in a direct and friendly manner, but also argued and documented.
We think that love for water, wind and sun has no age, that's why we target general audience, ranging from 10 to 80 years.
The 30 active headings cover all areas of nautical interest, from weather, general information, boats and different accessories, shipyards, dealers, events, contests, sport, fishing, cruises, boat models to articles presenting information from Romania and the world.
The desire to offer all the facilities of the moment to an informed community makes the magazine to give complete services and the opportunity to buy-sell varied nautical products with the following columns: Ads, Auction, Shop, Community. We also have a quarterly program for contests, giving awards and presenting the product you won.
The "Innovation" section found in all subcategories of the online magazine is our tool to present out of the ordinary issues, to reach out to the community to present personal experiences and desires so that we can develop, using this section, to continue growing and to become what you expect of us.
In terms of advertising the magazine provides an interesting package for the second quarter of 2012, in fact the first quarter of existence, to the partners who want to work with us for a proper "water" launching of "Nautica Magazine", we will be meeting on June 30 to break a bottle of champagne, according to tradition, on the rudder of the new online boat "Nautica Magazine".
Smooth sailing "Nautical Magazine"!