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Have you ever wondered about the intensity of the force with which you tighten your speakers' hand? What about what this gesture means? Can it tell you what kind of watches your speaker likes? A strong handshake means a powerfull wrist and therefore it hides a big watch, with attitude. What should you choose? We recommend you Nautica by Timex. Why? Read more!

Watch collectors and horology enthusiasts know that the market it's divided between swiss precision, russian elegance, german innovation and american technology. After you choose the manufacturer, the operating mechanism is the next priority: should it be automatic, mechanical or quartz? Next you must choose the size and shape of your desired watch. Designers have exceeded their limits and transformed the precise time into a jewel.

Nautica watches are choosen in the same way, but the final decision is not that easy to make. Their "problem" is that they are not just sport watches, whose main characteristic is water resistance. They have something special, I belive elegance it's the word that best describes them.

Nautica by Timex, for stylish sailors

Nautica is one of the brands that imposed itself on the maket for nautical accesories. Their story begun 25 years ago, with only 6 pieces of clothing. Today, Nautica offers you clothing, shoes, beach accesories, perfumery and watches. In 1994 they entered the watches market and they wanted to represent the freedom spirit, sensations and adventure. The affiliation with Timex was natural, they needed a world player from horology domain, which would make them visible for the public.

Nautica watches are the main watches you can find at water competitions. Nautica divided tree ways: Classic Watches - for sporty elegance, Chronograph - for innovative design, Yacht-timer - for water activities. The most important facility of Yacht-timer is the triple stopwatch, which you can use in nautical contest to always check your competitions time.

Next year, the Nautica Team will show you the most interesting watches, Nautica by Timex. Until then, we recommend you an exercise: guess the characteristics of your speakers' watch. Who knows, maybe you discover another adventurer like yourself!

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Author: Oana Vasiliu

Translated by Ana Maria Andronache

Published in: noiembrie 2012
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