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Adrenaline watersports demand professional equipment! Whether you're a supporter of sports in mountain rivers or sea, you need proper equipment. And in most Sprat ecostume neoprene water required! They are durable, waterproof and flexible, in order to provide the body with freedom of movement in total comfort. The main water sports of summer the neoprene suit is indispensable are: diving, snorkeling, rafting, kayaking rushing water, kiteboard or kikesurf.

Although these sports are practiced regularly in Romania are very few specialty shops where you can find neoprene suits, even from reputable international companies. The vast majority using the same brands and the necessary accessories neoprene suits are almost impossible to find! The vast majority of stores specializing in water sports equipment can be found in cities such as Constanta and Galati. In the capital supply is low, but still there. Which is why we had a look săpecialitate stores across the country who make and supply the domicile, find out which companies producing neoprene suits and cargo hold in our country and are trading prices to suit quality neoprene.

Brands and Prices

There are many mainstream stores in Romania have for sale brand neoprene suits, but if you're a beginner is well documented prior to purchase or the best, look for a shop to not be fooled to cut and material. Are "details" that matters most in buying Neoprene whereas according to them, the body can move with ease or not. To purchase and merge zipper neoprene thickness matters that need to be perfect to not lose the strength and impermeability.

The most appreciated international companies producing neoprene suits, whose products are found in Romania are: Rafter, Cressi, Lontra, MarinePool and Camaro. These manufacturing companies produce equipment for water sports, besides quality neoprene suit, neoprene and separate clothing items such as jackets, pants, overalls, shoes, shirts and hats.

The price of these garments start at 10 euros and can exceed 500 or 1,000 euros depending on the model, cut, material thickness and how recently launched collection. In Romania, we find neoprene suits and other neoprene clothing to specialty stores and Hibicus Sport, MaScufund, SportTrai, ScubaLibre or Xsport. The price of a neoprene suit different and here again depending on quality and brand. Cheapest neoprene suits can be purchased somewhere around 400 euros and a neoprene cap can be bought for about 70 euros.


Published in: mai 2013
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