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Are you a fashion addict? Then you must have it! If not for your daily outfit at least to show that you're a true fashionist! And if your girlfriend is a fan of the H2O movie, then get ready to say "I do"! Not in front of the altar, but to the desire of having a unique fish tie,which won everybody abroad! What can be more pleasant and fun than an original outfit worn during a holiday with your friends? If you missed it this year, make sure that next year you'll be the heart of the an original designer should be!

Let's assume you're a fishing enthusiast. If not for fishing literally, at least for fish dishes. This way you'll have a link to the new fashion trend which rocked the wealthy people: cruises, yachts and other boats used for a fun vacation. Sound good, right? Think about it!

Natural or artificial

Here we go! If the girls from H2O had mermaid tails, you can also have a fish tail on you! And if you want variety you have a lot of choices. Over time, designers tried to create ties from expensive materials, ties with prints and drawing of fishes. But an anonymous original designer released a tie from fish bones...natural. It's a piece of clothing which is not vintage nor modern. I think is just very interesting!

Designing directions

For those who can't stand the idea of wearing a dead fish at their neck, they can choose models made of plastic. These are more comfortable and you don't have to worry that you could break a bone from your tie. If you want natural, you could catch a big fish, cook it and eat it, but be careful to keep the bones untouched. After that let the bones dry and you're ready to go! Wear it with style!

Author:Gina Rotaru

Translated by Ana Maria Andronache


Published in: noiembrie 2012
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