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Move from handmade canoes to Olympic clothing worthy of the catwalk! Ivan Patzaichin launched clothing collection for spring-summer 2013! Multiple Olympic and world champion in kayaking continuous string of projects to promote Romanian products through a collection of clothes Olympic title! Quality materials, casual appearance and eccentric enough to capture all tastes, and culoriinspirate the Romanian lands! A collection of all the beauty that makes us proud to be Romanian!


This is a collection designed by champions, the desire to promote Romanian traditions and development projects endorsing Romania! Design under any conformations in specific clothing designed specifically for athletes! We are talking about 16 pieces selected clothing Patzaikin team. Pants, overalls, jackets, blazers, vests and shirts are designed for middle and defined silhouette soothing colors inspired by nature Delta as beige and pale gray, dark denim. Rush accessories are handmade in his studio in Old Chilia and materials of honfecţionate garments are cotton and hemp Inn.

From kayaking, in the fashion world

It started with canotca a unique wooden craft handmade market which surprised the whole craft. A combination of boat and canoe, which led to the development of a whole collection of handmade wooden boats. Today, the Bucharest International Boat Show we could admire four boats: canotca Patzaikin, Gold, Light Patzaikin, Patzaikin Adventure tourism canotca 10 +1 and dinghy! All wood, all handmade, all high quality! And the development continues!

In December last year, Ivan Patzaichin has exposed first collection of clothes Marché de Noël, held in The Ark (historical building in Bucharest). Manechinii have scrolled kept Ivan Patzaichin brand, presenting the entire collection. A collection made not for profit but to support Ivan Patzaichin Association - Mila 23, which develops social entrepreneurship projects for the Danube Delta. 10% of the money collected from sales entered in the budget of the association.

In 2013, Ivan Patzaichin continues promoting tourism and a brand new collection of clothing, sporty cut. For this Olah Gyarfas worked with a designer known for Rozalb the Mura and the collection is a mix between O'Neill and Timberland. Purpose: people must navigate in comfortable clothes, good quality and taste! That collection came out in 2013, which you can admire in the gallery below!


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