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Neoprene suits in Romania

Adrenaline watersports demand professional equipment! Whether you're a supporter of sports in mountain rivers or sea, you need proper equipment. And in most Sprat ecostume neoprene water required! They are durable, waterproof and flexible, in order to provide the body…
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Model boat plans (video)

Navigators, avid collector or maritime art lovers! Model boats are among enthusiasts, who do their best to enjoy the originals or copies of models of historic ships bread made legendary! However, as in some cases extremely cost more passion, we decided to learn step by step how to build navomodelele. Maybe…
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Ivan Patzaichin - Olympic Collection 2013 (photo)

Move from handmade canoes to Olympic clothing worthy of the catwalk! Ivan Patzaichin launched clothing collection for spring-summer 2013! Multiple Olympic and world champion in kayaking continuous string of projects to promote Romanian products through a collection of clothes Olympic title! Quality…
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Nautical Luxury and elegance at Romaero 2013!

Variety of products at the Bucharest International Boat Show 2013! In addition to inflatable boats, ski jets, engine horsepower and yachts, I look over stands with luxury clothing and footwear! Therefore it, if you buy a yacht of tens of thousands of dollars, you have to wear a suite so far! We do not…
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Nautica watches, a piece of your adventure

Have you ever wondered about the intensity of the force with which you tighten your speakers' hand? What about what this gesture means? Can it tell you what kind of watches your speaker likes? A strong handshake means a powerfull wrist and therefore it hides a big watch, with attitude. What should…
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Make the knot to my fish tie!

Are you a fashion addict? Then you must have it! If not for your daily outfit at least to show that you're a true fashionist! And if your girlfriend is a fan of the H2O movie, then get ready to say "I do"! Not in front of the altar, but to the desire of having a unique fish tie,which won…
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