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Relax, adrenaline, romance and madness ... All the seaside! Summer is coming, and fun nautical trend is a "must do" during the holidays, regardless of passion for the sea and boats! Skijet sites, bananna, yacht rides and windsurfing are among the most popular water sports throughout the summer. Cerdeţi not, however, missing the relaxing activities. Millions of families that choose their holiday destination beachfront and their attraction goes to boating, swimming or scuba diving. It is the season in which the Romanian coast falls into the category of top attractions, bringing to advance significant offers accommodation and facilities such as water dstracţiile.

And when we say Romanian seaside inevitably thought we fly to popular resort of Mamaia! A holiday resort where it is a tradition handed down from the generation gerenaţie! What we find here and you can practice water sports in high season in Mamaia? I picked a range of water sports that we are "sold" coupon style to all centers specialized in the field! As for prices, do not think they are very small ... A shift skijet 15 minutes can reach £ 150 per person, and a bananna ride can vary between 15-20 EUR per person. So, make sure to budget for that temptations are great, and the risk of spending your money in the first two days are extremely high!

We are interested in the rates for the most popular water sports on the Romanian seaside Mamaia nand that I made a small classification. Note, however, prices might increase in peak season, but certainly will not double. So, with their help, you can get an indicative idea of ​​how you could cost holidays in Mamaia.

Jet ski - a 15 minutes ride can cost  150 ron per person. They can be rental from specialized centers on the coast, but for his leadership required certificate ID and Class C boat driver

Banana - 10 minutes costs about 20 ron. It is a fun nautical fun without high risks of injury. That's because each participant wearing a lifejacket and eventual fall "overboard" entitlement can be fun!

Boat - 10 minutes-30 ron. Of course you will not ever get to that 30 ron you will get. So always prepare your 100 ron for such fun.

Waterskiing - 10 minutes around 100 ron per person. Newsletter is only hires but you must have some experience. Not that you'd ask anyone to hire, but for your safety. As for other sports, you can experience surfing, sailing and even scuba diving. And if you have not experienced divers there are centers that offer lessons in all these areas.

Published in: aprilie 2013
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