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Extreme sports, adrenaline and speed boats! It happens in Mures Valley where will be held, for the fourth consecutive year, two great contests: amateur contest rafting, kayaking and canoeing called "Mures Marathon" and slalom competition on fast waters. Expect more fun, more visitors and more drops of water! As competition promises to be quite strong since it is the fourth year to organize and participalţii are from year to year expetrimentaţi!

A good reason for your vacation schedule a few days Mures Valley, the tourist season! This is because events will start on April 20th and the difficulty of the route is between ZWC - WWII. It will be a very good time to combine a relaxing holiday on lands mioritical adrenaline water sports summer! Who knows, maybe you will catch the adrenaline thrill of a race and say YES rafting on the Mureş mad ...

Rules "Mures Marathon"

Start putting on locality craftsmen, on the left bank of the river, on April 20, 2013, 14:00. In the home will stay su suftelele mouth as organizers and dozens of curious tourists, who want to infect with EVA uo part of courage even competitors. Each team / participant will receive a race number immediately to pay the fee. Competitors are required to stop at the checkpoint and sign table on the scene. Although previous years there were no incidents, the organizers ensure that the site be a healthcare team.

Fees and Route

Gorge can be reached by car or train on Route 15 in the Deda or Ciceu. Probably yes slalom will start at 10.00, its location as being made known on Friday (April 19). The start of the marathon will be given in area craftsmen at 14.00 and finish will be in town Rastolita. Distance you need to travel each competitor or crew is 24 km. Registration point will be near or slalom competition at the start of the next bridge on DIY Mures, on the left bank of the river. Registration can be made on the day of the contest between 8:00 and 13:00 am or electronically using the form on line. Each participant must provide protective equipment and must pay tuition in the morning contest. Each participant will receive a total crew of competition. Registration fee varies between 20 and 35 USD depending on date of registration.

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