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Are you looking for an autumn adrenaline rush? You don't have to search for it abroad, it's here! I'm talking about rafting on Buzau River, Romania! The number of rafting enthusiasts is growing and the organizers know it! They are launching more inflatable boats, both for specialists and amateurs. A unique experience, which should be tried at least once in a lifetime! It's worthed!

Buzau River has it all! Beginners can experiment on calm waters, without any obstacles and those more experienced can try fast waters, assisted by coaches. The landscape is gorgeous and the water just right. Go for it!

Rafting Buzau River

When we are talking about rafting we instantly think about Jiu River! It's the most popular place for rafting in Romania. It's the place which gathers, each year, thousand of enthusiasts. Rafting on Buzau Rivers wasn't tried by many, due to poor advertisement. You can practice rafting on Buzau river all year round.

The route's structure helps to practice rafting in any season, due to forests which stop the wind from blowing forcefully into the river. The rafting area is located after the Siriu dam. It's an area suited for beginners who want to improve their rafting skills.

Rafting with obstacles of 1-3 level

If the routes can be used by beginners, that doesn't mean there aren't obstacles. You get different sensation with each route. The Buzau river has obstacles of 1-3 level, fast areas due to the narrowing of the riverbed, followed by wide recovery areas. In a few words: both adrenaline and relaxation, in order to keep you entertained the entire route.

A vibrant experience, which should by tried only with a specialized coach. Regardless of whether you have experience or not at rafting you should try it with a team, with specialists. It's safer and more entertaining.

Author: Gina Rotaru

Translated by Ana Maria Andronache



Published in: noiembrie 2012
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