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Summer is coming, and fun feels the best on skijet! Which is why we have turned their attention to ski jets market in Romania to make a value for money! What company sells ski jets in Romania, as are their products shall qualitative and, especially, around which revolve amounts nautrice toys in our country, depending on horsepower prisoners. And Speaking of horsepower, if you want adrenaline permit is needed and navigation!
And if you do not have, or have fun with a professional or go wherever you want the navigation school students.
They say. have time to summer coming to get you!

Undoubtedly, ski jets market in Romania is overtaken by two large international manufacturer Yamaha and Sea-Doo. In addition, the Romanian market ski jets to struggle to survive and other internationally renowned companies such as Cruiser, Suzuki and Honda. But apparently these companies on the Romanian market dealers ski jets, public addresses, pulling toward commercialization ski jets with quite affordable prices adrenaline enthusiasts with a budget not very generous. However, the most popular and desirable ski jets companies are Yamaha and Sea-Doo. What are the prices of these models and how far up the difference in price?

Vs Yamaha Sea-Doo

The price of jet skiing vary by engine power and accessories you own! In Romania, you can buy the cheapest jet skiing with less than 1,000 euros. This amount of part of the standard model, with few horsepower from Yamaha and Sea Doo. If you are tempted to hold balance model quality-design-horsepower, then the purchase price may be between 2500-5000 euros. And between 5,000 and 15,000 euros find attractive models, emerging, providing all requirements of avid adrenaline! Of course, if your budget allows, you can turn your attention to ski jets over 15,000 euros, considered prototypes. 

The Sea-Doo sold on the Romanian market skijeturi priced between € 8,176 and € 13,000 and those from Yamaha were on the market in Romania ski jets € 7,000 and € 14,000. We are talking about new models, taken directly from the representation. However, if you opt for used models, prices fall by almost 50%, depending on the age of the model. The most famous of the Sea-Doo jet skiing is "Bombardier" and the most famous of the Yamaha is "Waverunner" whose prices fall within the above patterns, varying power and class.

Cruiser, Suzuki and Honda

As Suzuki and Honda sites skijet prices revolve around € 6,000! We are talking about new models, purchased from dealership. If, however, you prefer a model used HOMD can be purchased at prices between 2000-4500 € and Suzuki can be found even at 1,500 euros. It all depends on the year it was made and how much was used. As Cruiser, a new model can reach 13,500 euros / piece) and used the same model can reach 4,500 euros each, depending on the buyer's bargaining power. As shown, there are considerable price differences between the two companies, but marketing their say. Even though Suzuki and Honda may be cheaper, opting for aficionados vs Yamaha Sea-Doo. The reason? Probably reputation, design and specialized technology.

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