Kayak-Canoe: 18 romanian at the European Championships in Portugal!

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Between 14 to 16 June 2013 European Senior Championships held canoeing, held at Montemar O 'Vello in Portugal! International competition in which Romania is represented by 18 athletes performance Romanian!
Start of the competition was given this morning and ceremony, which we hope Romanians occupy first place on the podium, will be held Sunday evening! Until then, sit with fingers crossed for luck our athletes keep their performance!

Romanian delegation canoeing athletes went to Portugal on Wednesday night at Montemor-o-Velho, full of optimism! The delegation is made up of 18 athletes kayak-canoe, coaches Romică Şerban Florin Popescu, Alexandru Stoian Zabet and Secretary General Daniel, head of the delegation. According to the Secretary General of the Federation, Daniel Stoian, athletes are likely to return home 1-2 1-2 medals in the Olympic and non-Olympic medals in the samples.

Romanian athletes who represent us in the European

Romanian athletes who took today off in the European kayak canoe in Portugal are: Iosif Chirila (C1 500 m and 1,000 m), Liviu Alexandru Dumitrescu, Victor Mihalachi (C2 500 m and 1,000 m), Florin Comaneci (C1 5,000 m), Iosif Chirila, Catalin Costache, Gabriel snowdrops, Florin Comaneci (C4 1,000 m), Ionut Mitrea (K1 200 m) Mitrea Ionut Cristian Serban (K2 200 m), Traian Neagu, Daniel Burciu Petrus Gavrila, Catalin Turceag (K4 1,000 m), Irina Laura (K1 500 m), Irene Laura Bianca Pleşca (K2 1,000 m), Roxana Borha, Juliana Peasant (K2 500 m and 200 m). The samples paracanoe Romania is represented by Iulian Serban, triple European champion in K1 200 m, and Mihaela Lulea, European champion in 2012 in Zagreb.

Training on Lake Snagov

Athletes have been preparing for this year's competition on Lake Snagov. "Preparing went to some normalcy in Snagov, I was and warm water. But I attended the World Cup stages, because we focused on the European and global competitions, juniors, youth and seniors, which can cover them. I say take 2-3 medals, but to see that, what color. Highest odds are that usually Canoe 2 Canoe 4, but the kayak will be more difficult to climb on the podium,'' said President Kayak-Canoe Federation Agerpres.

The 2012 European Championships held in Zagreb. Then, the Romanian team won two gold medals in categories C2 1,000 m (Liviu Alexandru Dumitrescu / Victor Mihalachi) and C1 5,000 m (Florin Comaneci) and three silver medals dee C2 500 m (K4 boys) at 1,000 m and C4 1,000 m in the competition paracanoe K1 200 m, Iulian Serban and Lulea Mihaela won two gold medals.


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