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A Romanian gives life lessons to the world! After a serious accident, which left his right leg was amputated, Iulian Serban paracanoe becomes European champion. For the fourth consecutive year, Romanian athlete won the gold medal at paracanoe, K1 200 m! A success that makes us proud that in Romania there are people such value. Success was recorded last week in the European Championships in kayak-canoe Montemo-o-Velho (Portugal), attended by 17 other Romanian athlete's kayak-canoe to various categories.

Iulian Serban won the final competition reserved for persons with disabilities 42sec071/1000 time, followed by German Tom Kierey Ranking - 43sec221/1000 and German Robert Olivier - 44sec391/1000. It was the only gold medal with the Romanian team returned home from the European Championships in kayak-canoe, held this year in Montemo-o-Velho, Portugal. But the gains have not stopped there! This year, the whole team put Romania on the highest peaks, obtaining precious medals at almost every competition. Thus, our country is rich with 8 medals: one gold, four silver and three bronze, and the men of worth, we were moved to tears with the ambition and desire to make their performance.

"Now if I have more ambition"

Iulian Serban has almost 27 years and is a multiple champion in kayak-canoe! He was attracted to the sport as a child ... And passion TAT was great that sprotivul went all obstacles of life and became European champion. In grade 7, Iulian Serban became national champion in canoe at 500 and 1,000 meters. At 21 years old, lives put to a hard test. Following a train accident Romanian athlete lost his right leg. Returning from the mountain with friends when he tried to climb aboard the train and fell after starting. Her right leg was severed and left piciporul was saved by doctors after eight operations, says Julian. The athlete was hospitalized for treatment and recovery more than 10 months.

But the attempt made him stronger! "Now if I have more ambition," he said in an interview on Pro TV, where he showed ambition to participate in sports competitions. He has not abandoned passion! He enrolled in competitions for people with disabilities and has become one of the best. He won gold four times and continue to fight for the title and higher! And everything is done with unimaginable effort. To get to this level and to be able particopa competitions., It takes more effort and financial support. But gradually, helped by family and friends, Iulian Serban manages to thrive! Paiunea their say.

Camp from Monday to Friday

Kayak is a tough sport that requires constant training and hard. Iulian Serban camp is Monday through Friday, and training related to morning to evening. Reach home only on weekends, but not complaining. He loves what he does, and this can be seen in the results! Here is the life story of the athlete Iulian Serban, who brought us this year's fourth gold medal at the European Campionalele kayak-canoe!



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