Gold and silver for Romania at kayak canoe

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Romanian athletes wowed Europeat  European Championship 2013 kayak canoe, which took place this weekend at Montemar O'Vello (Portugal)! Romanian team returns home eight precious medals, including one gold, obtained by Iulian Serban, kayak in sample 1 at 200 meters distance from paracanoe. An impressive success that will bring in Romania a gold, four silver and three bronze.

Golden Iulian Serban

Highest medal awarded to sortivului Romanian Iulian Serban, who won gold in the the kayak 1, on the distance of 200 meters in the paracanoe compatitive in the European Championships in kayak-canoe Montemo-o-Velho. A success that has touched all Romanians who witnessed the event, but also the home.
The event was celebrated by the entire team of Romania coach our athletes showing themselves proud and excited about their performance, much higher than the previous year.

Four silver medals

In addition to gold, Romanian athletes bring us home and four silver medals won by Liviu Alexandru Dumitrescu, Victor Mihalachi Mihaela Coman Florin Lulea. Liviu Alexandru Dumitrescu and Victor Mihalachi won the silver medal in Canoe sample 2 at a distance of 500 m, finishing the race in one minute, 44 seconds and 771 thousandths. They were surpassed by Russia and Ivan Aleksei Korovaşkov style, which recorded 1 min 42 sec 206/1000.

In a similar sample of women, Mihaela Lulea won European silver in a similar sample of women, being overtaken by British Anne Dickens. Our romanian won the silver medal with a time of 58 seconds and hundredths 590. Florin Coman won the silver medal in simple canoes distance of 5,000 meters. He was overtaken by German Sebastian Brendel and third place in this competition has positioned Pole Marcin Grzybowski.

Three bronze medals

The three bronze medals were obtained Roxana Borha Romanians, Juliana dust and Florin Comanici. Roxana Borha and Juliana peasant represented us in the women's kayak double and won bronze in the 300 meters distance and Florin Coman participated in simple canoes sample distance of 5,000 meters. Medals who gathered to record Romania, our country now boasting athletes, owners of eight medals imporetante great European Championship in Kayak Canoe 2013 Montemar O'Vello organized in Portugal.


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