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Beginner or experienced, there are cases where you need a specialist in navigation! Whether it's a boat driver, a mechanic or a companies authorized to release water craft, you need to opt for quality on the first time. Your only safety and of those in the boat is the most important, and a specialist can provide that easily! In addition, you can show your work easier tricks to the second requirement. And as spring came and the navigation season began Tuesday majority of fans are preparing to launch their boat in the water! An action for difficult medium to high, depending on the size of the boat held.

If you find yourself among those with average dimensions of boats you can find information about parts and prices start here. If instead you find yourself among those who have a large boat, atunco clearly need help. Reason we did we list below the name câtorba companies specialized in launching water craft, both in Bucharest and the surrounding area and in the country!

EURONAUTICA SRL (Bucharest) - There is a showroom in Bucharest, Sector 3, and the company offers services such as water supply and launching boats. It is one of the most famous Romanian market dealers of boats participating in major events in the water.

NEPTUN YACHT SRL (Bucharest, Constanta, Cluj Napoca) - A boat dealer on the Romanian market, which has offices in Bucharest, Constanta and Cluj Napoca, featuring, among others, and support services for registration of boats, docks and water launch. It also provides installation services detip outboard engines for boats and sailing courses (certified boat driver).

Marina Port (Snagov Izvorani) or Club Marina Port (Snagov Park). A company that provides boat launching and parking on land at any time of year, Marina Park Port Snagov (100 parking water). It performs launch services and removing the boat from the water for boats with a maximum weight of 10 tonnes. Those that exceed that limit are released / docked with a crane in a different area, especially adapted. Also, here are maintenance services, repairs, painting, etc.

SPAT.RO (Galati) - specialize in water service, dealing with boat launch and water. It is a well known company in Romania, which is based in Manchester you. They enjoy the Danube platform with lifting ramp and launching of boats.

About FUN Bunloc Ltd (Tulcea) - parking springboard water craft and maintenance services. The company is based in Tulcea and is recognized for organized trips in Danube Delta Floating Hotel "Egret 1"

EGIS Shipping (Tulcea) - is known for quality service repairs, maintenance and water interventions, but offers its clienţilro and service launching water craft, washing and dressing. These are some of the companies specialized in water service that are rated for quality work and well-known Romanian Maritime. In addition, there are small, recently opened, dealing with the launching of boats at various points of interest specific to seafarers.


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