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Fashion and quality go hand in hand with passion. I am not the one that usually says this, but the major boats manufacturers, which distinguished themselves on the international market precisely with this premise! It’s not a joke, it’s a fact. When you find yourself among craft lovers, you wish yours to be the most practical, the fastest, of the highest quality and the most beautiful. But, how do you manage to combine them all? With information! Therefore, today we turned our attention to fiberglass boats made by Romanian manufacturers.

Fiberglass boats form a small niche on the Romanian market. However, demand is high and the Romanian manufacturers release pretty tempting offers. Not to mention the homemade fiberglass boats that enthusiasts build themselves, buying the necessary pieces from specialized companies in the field. But, no more talking! Let’s see what’s a fiberglass boat, what is good for and who are the Romanian manufacturers.

Fiberglass boats = pleasure craft

If you didn’t know until now, there you are unraveling another mystery! Fiberglass boats are generally pleasure craft. The main reason is the specific quality of the fiberglass, which is actually fiberglass reinforced polyester. A material that’s facilitating the construction. Usually, the material is poured into molds elements that form the vessels’ components. Molds are made according to size, shape and type of boat you prefer, the boat is next assembled after cooling the material, which took the shape of the mold. The technology is almost the same in all factories. The only differences may occur when casting the material. Many are handmade, but there are shipyards that use the vacuum method.

Romanian fiberglass boats manufacturers

Even though the market is small, there are Romanian fiberglass boats manufacturers. Among those who make themselves noticed even from the first search, that are appreciated and sell even abroad, there are Spat, Fibronav S.R.L. and Permalex. They offer quality boats and most buyers receive advices in choosing such a boat. This is the reason their market share increased every year, they even begun to export boats.

Spat is a romanian manufacturer that’s on the naval market for over 21 years, being able to brag with extensive experience in manufacturing boats. Spat designs and builds pleasure and service boats, but also fishing vessels and passenger ships.

The price/quality balance

Fibronav S.R.L. is a Romanian fiberglass boats company operating in Galati and is present on the market for three years. Moreover, it executes, on request, repairs and maintenance for fishing and pleasure boats. Perlamex produces and sells quality fiberglass boats and it is specialized also in creating molds and repairing fiberglass boats.

And these are only three Romanian fiberglass boats manufacturers that operate on the market in Romania. If you are really looking for quality at reasonable prices, take a look not only on these companies websites, but also others from Romania. The quality/price balance might surprise you, it's very well maintained, compared to famous international companies.

Author:Gina Rotaru


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