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Sports boats, speed boats, pleasure and luxury yachts. No, I'm not talking about any foreign boats manufacturer, but about a Romanian one that Europe enjoys! Romania has some major shipyards that are well rated even in naval industries in the Europe. So, think twice before buying any kind of boat. The level of Romanian boats is high, even if its advertising is not as intense as the manufacturers abroad.

You're still reluctant? We thought so! Therefore, we prepared some important information about the Romanian companies that produce Blade Boats, which attracts clients each year with new, modernized and offers, one more appealing than the other. Customers are not just from Romania, the most buyers come from aboard.

Blade boats – from A to Z

The Blade Boats factory came to life on late 2005, as part of the Romned Port Operator S.A. company and it's operating in Constanta. The team consists almost entirely of young people, dynamic, whom dedicated themselves, heart and soul, to this art, from passion for boats. A passion that changed over time into a brand and a profitable business, Blade Boats starting to make themselves known not necessarily through the variety of its models, but more by the their high standard quality. Their target was the successful entry on the international market. And they made it!

Over time, the company has adapted to the requirements of the Romanian boats market, implementing already tested solutions of its international partners. Thus, they managed to combine the demands and quality of the Romanian craftmanship with the new ideas in technology and production specialists from aboard. An ambitious idea, that caught on, the company being now in full development on an international level. They dream of becoming a “major player” on the international boats market.

Blade Boats

Currently, the Romanian company producing Blade Boats has in its portfolio a wide range of boats. At the factory, there are produced on demand, sports and pleasure boats, between 3.5 and 16 meters, fishing boats and even small and large yachts. The company can also produce under special order boats that are able to accommodate to the future owner’s style. All these types and categories of boats are found in 36 different models: open, with cabine, RIB’s, catamarans, etc.

And the company takes care in presenting all of them in a fairly wide frame on their official site: As an example, we can present a small catamaran, made for angling. This catamaran is built entirely of fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP), double body + resistance structure. It offers increased stability, it is easy to maneuver and does not require a powerful force from the engine compared to others from its category.

Among the boats presented by Blade there are also B530 Race (a racing boat, air inflated, catamaran building designed for those wishing “strong” sensations and recreation), BCAT 650 Hydro foil system (catamaran with an innovative and unique system) and many others. So, if you plan to purchase any kind of boat, first give a round on the Romanian companies! It's worth doing it both for the quality and the safety offered!

Author Gina Rotaru

Published in: noiembrie 2012
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