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After the frosty season, boat owners are forced to turn to companies offering maintenance services in the field. Is the period in which the craft requires thorough testing of cosmetic and engine. Before the launching of a boat should be cleaned, along with protective oils (especially if wood), technically checked the oil filters and proper functioning of the engine. For all these services, you need specialized companies to ensure you quality workmanship and products. Otherwise, you risk damage detected during shipping and even damage to portions of the craft.

What are the criteria for choosing companies specialized in maintenance and repair of boats in Romania? For starters, craft market in Romania is very tender, except in the specialized dealers in sales. True, many of the companies they represent provides maintenance and repair services, but it is recommended to opt for some really special. And a selection can be made after reading reviews on fotumurile specialized sites. After a look through them and thorough documentation, I found a few companies that have made customers happy!

Specialized companies in Romania

The vast majority of companies specialized in craft maintenance service offers mounting accessories and cosmetics boat engine repair. And at the beginning of spring always are launched promotional offers, the most favorable season to lure customers to their services. Among companies in Romania receive praise for maintenance and repair services offered can be found TNG Yacht (Galati), Marina Tulcea, Moa Boats (Tulcea), Marina Port (Snagov) Cleaning Company (Bucharest, sector 1), (Galati), Master Group (Bucharest, sector 1).

There are also companies that provide services domicile, among them being found and some of those listed above, but do transportulse fee. And often, the price is lower if the owner is responsible for return boat transport from headquarters. And that procedures before launching water craft are required maintenance services as aliminarea stone deposits, removing rust stains, cleaning and care of special stainless steel products, wood deck maintenance, cleaning vinyl or fabric upholstery, cleaning mototului and oil filters and oil change.


Prices vary greatly from one company to another, and vary depending on boat size and type of material from which it is made. Where there are large differences in prices from one company to another, check the type of products used, if they are good and clean, or not. In Chapter maintenance prices revolve around 60 ron/m2 a high polish and bridge structure, 30 Ron washing, cleaning cabin (boats up to 6,5 m), 30 € / pcs washed and degreased engine, $ 100 double checking cooling circuit (heat exchanger), 20 € / hour labor for installation of drain water craft, 70 € / hour electric boat installation labor. All these are average prices, required by most companies. At these prices vary within the transport distance. So, take a look at several companies thorough maintenance service craft to make an estimate of the cost of maintaining their own boat held.



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