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Ready for an adventure at sea? Then combine business with pleasure and take some sailing lessons during your water fun! Such a possibility exists in Romania, some of the most important sports accomplice instruction! And one of them operating on the southern shore of Lake Siutghiol an area of ​​17,000 square meters! Can you imagine how much fun can fit on such a stretch?

Yes, that is why we thought to give a round through The Nautica (practical training and sports center) to find out some information "hot" about the activities taking place here thousands of young people in sports and sailing enthusiasts who enroll Maritime Faculty. A university with a proud Romania, with teachers with extensive experience in the maritime field and well trained students!

Base Nautica

Here is the whole sailor and technological practice for all first year students at Constanta Maritime University. University including Faculty of Navigation, Navy Department and the Department of Electromechanics IMO. Stundenţii, passionate maritime world, are ready for a brilliant career in the field. Since the beginning of college, when the foundations of the theoretical part, students are part of facilities crucial naval professional development through practice.

This is because the center has three classrooms, a multipurpose laboratory, lab Hydrobiology, biodiversity, ecotoxicology, seminar rooms, two sailing boats Ypton type 22, four universal boat with oars, two support vessels, five boats 10 +1 type canoe, a boat with a power 260CP, a lifeboat (capacity 37 persons), type rescue boat trolley, a springboard to water, two piers and a polygon PSI.

Neptune Sports Club

In addition to recreational activities, atudenţii fcultăţilor enjoys sea and yachting training. Yachting center of the Sports Club Nautical Neptune is performed based and vary their program schedule students and the weather. The club was founded in 1991 by students and professors of the Institute of Marine Civil Constanta. Initially, he was named "University Athletic Association" Neptune "and in 2005 it became the current club: Sporting Club Neptune, who enjoys of many quality equipment.


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