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Constanta have good news! After we enjoyed the cruise ships that we will have direct departures from the port of Constanta, comes a new ad that make us happy souls! Constanta port comes in collaboration with the Port of Rotterdam! The authorities have plans together for years to come as tourists. Moreover, officials with the Rotterdam constants are thinking about collaboration in terms of joint development in shipping, the investment in infrastructure projects, and in return managerial experience. A collaboration that could lead Romania to a high-level development which means international maritime relations.

It is the first time discusses this collaboration, but this time discussions reached a new level and Constanta Port will have the opportunity to say at a meeting organized by the Dutch in Rotterdam. A meeting to be attended by all authorities working with the big port city in the world: Rotterdam. And to conclude a cooperation productuvă the Dutch in Rotterdam have done your homework! Began with a courtesy visit in Constanta and continued through the key points of the port visit to discover its development potential!

Potential Constanta Port

A significant gesture for us, Romanians, because Rotterdam is known to be the most important port city in Europe. They met with Romanian officials and discussed issues facing the port, we announced And despite the shortcomings, oralndezii showed interest in collaboration as Constanta is considered the largest port on the Black Sea. And a fitting and a good manager could turn into a very important transit area of ​​the port of Rotterdam as well as other countries such as Belgium.

Managing Director Roger Clasquin the "Port of Rotterdam International" said that "developing a global network of global collaboration, Brazil, Asia and Eastern Europe, and Constance has an important role." First step in this collaboration and will represent participation Commercial Director CN "APM" SA Constanta, George Visan, the Netherlands, at a conference. A conference will be held in which all ports with the Port of Rotterdam has concluded cooperation protocols. Where Constanta Port will be of potential Dutch investors.

Hope for new jobs

And with these projects come and hopes for investment and economic growth! Authorities think Constanta port development would create new jobs in key areas such as construction, tourism, hotel chains and real estate. It is a major opportunity for economic development and not only constants, starting and will develop with international investment projects and exchange of experience between the Port of Rotterdam and the Port managerial accounting.


Published in: aprilie 2013
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