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Car or yacht, you still need insurance! But when it comes to large boat that is not in your home garage, providing them not only is a must, but it will guarantees you your own silence. Even if you hit it, the passage of time leaves its aprenta the appearance, but also its functionality. And in these cases, insurance taken a strong company that offers quality services would be the best choice!


Where and what are the boat insurance prices in Romania are specialized packages offered by companies? Do not expect to make a car equal to the price charged! Not only because the different sizes, but the engines care style and dangers that confronts boat, whatever size she has. And the more more performance she have, the price of an insurance package is more higher! So, think twice before saying yes buying a boat, because the cost of maintaining them could be pretty steep.

Insurance companies craft

In recent years, the craft market in Romania has increased considerably and more many yacht owners opt for insurance. Some tend towards full insurance, others only for certain important sections of the craft. In any case, such an action, you need insurers experienced, effective and fair! I have not tested all them, but after some searching in detail, I found that who are the most important and valued boat insurers in Romania. As expected, most of the big companies that provide insurance for houses and cars, offers packages for boats too.

Some are those are Asirom, Generali, Omniasig, Groupama, Aliantz-Tiriac, Astra Certasig, Gothaer Credit Europe, etc. Beware, though! Before you say yes to any dealer or insurance company, open your eyes as the vast majority provides compensation for damages only if they occurred in „Romania's territorial limits.” And if has a yacht, it is unlikely that the owner will not pass the borders sailing. Currently, the most popular insurance companies in boats aria are Astra and Certasig.

Prices based on value

Like the houses or cars, insurance are based on the value of the car. For example, a boat valued at 50,000 euros, built in 2010, insurance premiums revolves around 650 euros, depending on the features that is built vessel material (steel, fiberglass, wood, Kevlar, Sailing and / or motor). In some cases, insurance may be terminated and a month, but insurance experts recommend a longer period of time for the owner to amortize their investment over time, through its restoration, if it has not was injured. If long-term investment does not seem efficient and economical, you can opt for insurance for "travel due to" ending for up to 30 days.


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