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Engine speed, maneuverability and balance! Fun nautical motor can be quite dangerous, especially if you have experience! Reason, in some cases, the navigation requires practitioners to încrierea specialized courses and obtaining permits, depending on the type of boat that they want. And if the motor boats, yachts or boats with horsepower navigation permits are required, there are boats and water toys that license is not a "must have".

However, it is recommended to hold a permit or even to have a certificate of graduation from a school profile. Not the other, but personal safety is always more important than water adrenaline fun! And often, the debate is given to ski jets: navigation permit is required for skijet? Well, in most cases, YES! Despite being a toy seems harmless nautical many ski jets in size and powerful engines that rank in the category requiring permits sailing boats. Of course, there are exceptions. Here's what you can entertain skijet situations, legally.

Skijet under 2.5 m and less than 3.68 kw engine

Regulation in the Official Gazette shows that can be driven without a license skijet navigation only if it meets certain conditions, such as a certain limit and a maximum length set by the authorities horsepower!

„Art 1 a) Pleasure boats - any boat propelled by motor and / or sailing, whose body has a length of 2.5 m to 24 m measured according to harmonized standards which transports goods and which is used exclusively for sport and recreation;"
„Art 4. (2) To operate a pleasure craft with an engine power up to 3.68 kW inland is not necessary to have international certificate for pleasure craft class leader D. "

This means that a skijet with a length of less than 2.5 m can be driven inland and maritime navigation without a license, regardless of engine size. Also permit is not required to skijeturi inland over 2.5 m long and up to 24 m, but they must have an engine capacity of less than 3.68 kw. And sea water, skijetul can be driven without a license unless navigation is less than 2.5 m

Skijet Most sites are large!

Great news for lovers of adrenaline, but not very tender! Not the other, but skijeturi size and smaller engines of 2.5 m and 3.68 kw are not very often. The vast majority of dealers selling skijeturi with powerful engines designed nautrice adrenaline fun. The only chance to enjoy a skijet with these characteristics are rental centers on the coast, which attempts to provide for all nautical ditracţie. However, if you do not permit navigation, most of them can rent a skijet complete with an instructor. And here are more măricele costs. So, to enjoy the full adrenaline high, head to climb out a sailing school. Not long courses are funny and obtained license gives you independence.


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