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If you are a boat owner, you should be aware of all the new laws on registration, registration, tax and maritime traffic. Knowing the legal details of boat you own, not only about saves wasted time and hassle, but also about many hobby expenditure on boats. Today we stopped on a key issues for novice surfers and not only are houses and small boat owners. Can navigate with unregistered boats?


Only if the vessel is less than 7 meters in length and engine power less than or equal to 15 kW. However, the boat must be registered as the owner can get the right flags that allow traffic on waterways. Otherwise, the boat can be used only for recreational areas established by căpetănia region. For these pleasure craft, there are two possibilities: registration or inventory, the latter having a proceducă something simpler. So, to enjoy smooth sailing, the owner of a craft than 7 meters in length and with an engine less than 15 kW, vessel registration is recommended, following the inventory.

Boats that do not require registration

According to the Romanian Naval Authority (NRA) no ban for private maritime traffic with boats under 7 meters and with engine power up to 20 hp incl. But if we talk of boats used for commercial purposes (transport persons, property or industrial fishing), their registration is mandatory. However, in some sea areas in Romania, these features permit mbarcaţiunilor all waterways arteries are not allowed, for safety reasons at the request of regional captain.

The Government Emergency Ordinance 74/2006, Article 51-4, paragraph 5, provides the following:

"(5) not registering or not entered in the register the following types of ships:
a) small boats with a length of 7 m and / or a drive of less than 15 kW;
b) boats propelled by human power;
c) recreational craft which do not apply to national regulations on the marketing of them, except for boats designed to carry passengers for commercial and air-cushion craft. "

In Danube Delta, one of the most sought after destinations in the country for sailing, pleasure boats not registered with the characteristics mentioned above, have banned traffic on the waterways. But seafarers are required to pay permit access to the Danube Delta. So if you own a small pleasure craft and motor under 20kp, including quietly enjoy the navigation of the waters of Romania. Have a year with many boating!


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