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Marine traffic with unregistered boats

If you are a boat owner, you should be aware of all the new laws on registration, registration, tax and maritime traffic. Knowing the legal details of boat you own, not only about saves wasted time and hassle, but also about many hobby expenditure on boats. Today we stopped on a key issues for novice…
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Skijet fun - with or without a licence?

Engine speed, maneuverability and balance! Fun nautical motor can be quite dangerous, especially if you have experience! Reason, in some cases, the navigation requires practitioners to încrierea specialized courses and obtaining permits, depending on the type of boat that they want. And if the…
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Yacht insurance in Romania

Car or yacht, you still need insurance! But when it comes to large boat that is not in your home garage, providing them not only is a must, but it will guarantees you your own silence. Even if you hit it, the passage of time leaves its aprenta the appearance, but also its functionality. And in these…
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