Lake Toba - born in the depths of hell

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Lake Toba is located in North Sumatra is a very large volcanic lake with a length of about 100 kilometers and a width of about 30 kilometers. The lake was formed during a volcanic eruption 7,000 years ago, when Toba volcano has thrown into the air with a huge speed over 2000 km³ of ash. Loss of such large quantities of magma caused the volcano cone immersion and emergence of the Chaldeans formed lake with the same name: Toba. Geomorphological estimates indicate that after disaster survived only a few thousand people.


Beyond the "dark" sight of the lake, in the middle of the lake is Pulau Samosir Island (the largest island in an island), which has two lakes and more " connection" to the public .Where else can you visit a lake located on an island (Samosir) , which is in Lake Toba, which it is set in an island (Sumatra)?!


Lake Toba is an amazing natural wonders on the island of Sumatra. It's hard to imagine there is a more beautiful place to visit in North Sumatra apart from this lake. Cool refreshing atmosphere, expanse of clear water was blue, and dazzling views of the Green Mountains is a small part of the image of a giant lake that is 900 meters above sea level.


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Author: Pieter Djatmiko

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Published in: iulie 2014
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