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The sun came out for Bucharest people! We can now to ride the boat on the great lakes parks in the Capital!
Herastrau and Cismigiu had opened the spring shipping season, launching the water craft! And about Cismigiu you can say  that is an tight place to navigate, Lake Herastrau offers plenty of space for both rowers and those who want to make a boat ride. What do you say, we make a round this weekend? If so, let us prepare and time and see how we can cost a boat or boat out on Lake Herastrau.

Herastrau Pier Park offers boating, boat crossings, sluicing and rowing boat hire, pedalos, boat small, medium or large, depending on the program. A program that varies on the seasons as follows: spring and autumn can rent boats between 10.00 and 19.00, here summer program extended: 10.00 and 20.00. Importantly hire rowing boats and pedalos is one hour before closing time.

Boat and pedal boat

Are two of the most sought after pleasure boat on Lake Hoerăstrău. And the reasons are understandable.
If the boat crossing or walking is done according to a plan set by the wharf at these two boats have the right to ride wherever you want. You work and you can admire all over the park. Moreover, you can stop on the island, you do not have access if Herastrau cross on foot. Rowing boats have standard that supports a maximum of three people on board, and pedalos are large enough for two or four people. Understanding how boating, Pier Harăstrău discounts on pensonari displays and children aged 10-14 years. And children under 10 years are free. How about people with disabilities, together with his companion were free.

Rental rates

To hire a rowing boat for up to three persaone, the price is 5 euro / hour. If you opt for a water bikes for two, it cost 10 lei / hour, and one of four to 15 lei / hour. Appreciation vapor increased, but the number of people that can be transported by water is greater. For example: A large boat (60-80 people) can be rented for 400 Euro / hour. An average boat (20 persons) costs 200 lei / hour, and a small boat (12 persons) costs 150 lei / hour. 
Usually the boats are rented for mini trips with children, organized by schools, or groups of friends celebrating a birthday or who simply want a private ride.


Published in: aprilie 2013
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