Fines of up to 6,000 ron in the Delta

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Fines in strictly protected areas in Tulcea in the Danube Delta! Tourists who ignored warning received fines of up to £ 6,000. A large amount that Delta authorities have decided to make it public to admonish those who believe that rules can be broken! Security was increased in these areas, and the past three years, tourists have taken well over £ 80,365 for fines for violation of the rules prohibiting access strictly protected areas.

Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve (ARBDD) advises tourists to bypass the strictly protected reserve areas. They were closed in order to protect tourism natural habitats and species of creatures that live here. Violations are Service Districts Eco ARBDD applied in the past three years approximately 305 tourists sanctions, which came into strictly protected areas. Approximately 207 of these fines amounted to a total of 80.365 lei.

Development of eco-tourism

Groups of tourists visiting the reserve pressures on natural habitats and strictly protected areas appear paths made by tourists who break the rules. This happens often celmai Letea, a protected area due to impressive wildlife, endangered. Stopping these breaches of regulation Delta could lead to an intensive development of tturistice branches often practiced abroad: the nature reserves and eco-tourism. A niche that attracts more and more tourists each year. "For a better balance of tourism with environmental protection target Administration proposed to organize visits by ARBDD established routes and accompanied by specialized personnel of the institution," it said in a statement issued by ARBDD AGERPRES Tulcea.

Canoeing on the canals of Reserve

Kayak rides on the Danube and channels in reserve during the summer season is one of the best ways of knowing the Danube Delta, say say the vast majority of hobbyists. But to keep nature intact and not affect bird colonies, Delta authorities fărăr recommends the use of motor boats, and kayak or canoe. These boats can be provided at the entrance to the Danube Delta Center Rowmania Crisan village. Currently Delta is home to 20 strictly protected areas with a total area of ​​50 904 hectares, respectively 8.7% of the Reservation. An area that is representative samples of natural ecosystems, land and water in the Delta, according to the ARBDD.


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