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Lake Toba - born in the depths of hell

Lake Toba is located in North Sumatra is a very large volcanic lake with a length of about 100 kilometers and a width of about 30 kilometers. The lake was formed during a volcanic eruption 7,000 years ago, when Toba volcano has thrown into the air with a huge speed over 2000 km³ of ash. Loss of…
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Fines of up to 6,000 ron in the Delta

Fines in strictly protected areas in Tulcea in the Danube Delta! Tourists who ignored warning received fines of up to £ 6,000. A large amount that Delta authorities have decided to make it public to admonish those who believe that rules can be broken! Security was increased in these…
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A new boat for Lake Herastrau!

Sport lovers have a new reason to cheer! Herastrau Lake makes its emerge a new craft designed of walking tours: a catamaran! The boat has a capacity of 50 seats and is available to tourists for rides on Lake Herăstrău from Monday to Sunday between 10.00 and 20.00! Thus, throughout the…
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Herastrau leisure! Prices and schedule

The sun came out for Bucharest people! We can now to ride the boat on the great lakes parks in the Capital! Herastrau and Cismigiu had opened the spring shipping season, launching the water craft! And about Cismigiu you can say  that is an tight place to navigate, Lake Herastrau…
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Techirghiol - a top tourist attraction

Investments of millions in Techirghiol Lake! Romania is preparing intensively to have tourism on a larger scale, starting with water sports of large amplitude up to leisure facilities for tourists! The Techirghiol Lake will receive a makeover from head to toe with all the requirements of a holiday or…
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St-Léonard, the biggest navigable underground lake

Europe’s biggest navigable underground lake is hidden between Sion and Sierre cities ( the Valais canton in Switzerland) and is just one kilometer away from the train station with the same name. The lake is accessible to small and medium boats. There is even a tour specially organized for curious…
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