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Cluj Napoca City Hall started a controversial project, but that could prove a potential economic, social and cultural rather large "Somes navigable." The project includes construction of a waterway Somes with European funding, in partnership with the Dutch through the Dutch Initiative for Sustainable Cities (DISC). Hall's investment budget in 2013 for this project amounts to £ 800,000 and the total value of consultancy by 2013 is 1.5 million, of which 50% are Dutch government financing. Quite large amounts for a project who planners considered is nonviable Cluj.

Dutch first meetings with consultants already occurred, and the project received government suport Netherlands. However, Cluj planners argue that the government spends public funds for a project unviable, since it has no solid idea and would bring real long-term benefit of the city. Somes planners opt for conversion into a leisure craft course.

Restaurants, entertainment and even housing

Investing in the "Simes navigable" is long-term, Dutch consultants stating that in addition to construction costs, supported by the mayor and European funds will be needed private investment to develop banks of the canal which crosses the city. More specifically, will be appointed restaurants, entertainment and even housing to the area to become a tourist attraction and city investment to bring long-term benefit.

Mayor of Cluj, Emil Boc, was last year in the Netherlands, the invitation of the DISC, to ducumenta on shipping and import the Dutch on Somes. Alongside him were presented townhouse specialists. This year, the city plans to bid technical project based on specifications drafted in working with Dutch Initiative for Sustainable Cities (DISC), announces Emil Boc has stated that the City wants to access European funds to begin construction of the project put Somes navigable as soon as possible.

DISC program is supported by the Dutch Government and the Ministry of Tourism and Regional Devoltării.
He will be the four most important cities of Romania - Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Constanta and Timisoara.
And if in Cluj Napoca is dissatisfied project planners for the other three cities claim that the project would be successful, can bring real benefits to major economic, social and cultural.


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