Breakout of the Gods on the Bali Island

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Known as the Island of the Gods or the Islands of 1000 temples, the Bali owes its names to its turquoise waters, fine sanded beaches, traditional shipping. The island is nevertheless an exclusive holiday destination, as it looks like an exotic paradise corner of the world. And it does not deny its label: out of the myriad of luxury resorts, the visitor can hardly decide what to choose. The temptations are everywhere: from romanticism and fine cuisine to water-sports and climbing. In addition, the temples, sculptures wrapped in canvas with white and black checkered come to support the balance between good and evil.

Garlands of flowers, rice and incense are placed at each door, with the purpose to appease the thirst and hunger of the representative god. On the streets, the tradition encounter the modern life, being a meeting point of the the women, carrying wicker baskets on the heads with men on the motorbikes or road vehicles. Outside the town, the children expressed their joy of life, through long running inside the wildlife or along the impressively wide rice fields. Everyday life of the local people is directly linked to the religion, rituals and superstitions.


Where to spend the night?

There is no single night without dancing, traditional food, which makes the holiday in Bali an unforgettable experience, no matter if you choose to accommodate in a luxury hotel or in one of the local people cottage. But in order to fully enjoy the genuine tradition, we recommend you to spend several days with the villagers. For those preferring the luxury hotels, there are some irresistible offers.

The Pan Pacific Nirwana resort, comprising 103 hectares, 18 golf courses, jacuzzi swimming pools surrounded by exotic vegetation and rocks, is equipped with a fitness and SPA center, night clubs, restaurants with the sea and temples views. Traditional parties and trips on the sea together with water sports are regularly organized. You can enjoy such unique experience at the expense of 128 dollars a day.

For those tasting the wild life experiences, we recommend Villa Sungai, placed in the middle of the jungle, with the view to the sea from the external swimming pools. It is a traditional wooden building, with large windows, VIP and SPA facilities, whose owners organize land and sea trips. You can try everything here: from the feeling of adrenaline to deep relaxation. You can have such an escapade at the starting price of 1,035$.

The Chedi Club Tanah Gajah, Ubud, a complex of 20 villas surrounded by rice's fields, with sea view offers water sports trainings, races on turbulent rivers, traditional food and other exclusive temptations. The price starts at 535 $.

Bali, an island with spectacular resorts, strange inns, unique cuisine, outstanding art and tradition makes Bali one of the most inviting destination in the world. Bali is waiting for you, too!



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