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Spring is a good time to start a new activity. And if it goes to fishing, then clearly you can find a happy man!
Do not tell us because we are passionate about, but that fishing, in addition to being a productive activity, provide relaxation. And since not all of us are born with a talent for fishing, fishermen lend a hand begins with a series of instructions Mediterranean to show us what we need to exit the pool! Appropriate clothing and footwear from reaching strands fishing baits in the spring!

For starters, we stop at clothing, which should provide comfort fisherman! Cotton shirt is the basic element followed by a waterproof jacket. You can choose pants or overalls, a material that lets skin breathe. You should not miss the shoes of comfortable material that provides breathability and foot movement instead.
Experienced fishermen opt for rubber boots because sometimes you need to enter the water or use fishing techniques standing water.

Tools needed:

No matter what type of fish you want to catch or the pool you want to go, you need a fishing rod, folding chair, a juvelnic (where to put poştii caught), bait boxes (if you opt for several types of bait is better to have separate boxes for each), plugs of different models lead to both rod and rod, rod or rod hooks (this is recommended to go with them through the rod at home so as not to waste time on pond), a knife (for cases where you are hanging rod in irreparable). Also, the bag should not miss two towels (one spare). It is advisable to have towels at you if you mess up. In addition, it is important to always have dry hands. CAD careful you do take your luggage quality products, especially if you are a beginner. Not the other, but you risk your break from nylon thread rod and spoil you all the pleasure of fishing!

Choosing fishing!

Okay, you say it is an easy task and is made by eye. Well, you're wrong! You must watch the water depth if you want to enjoy numerous seizures. So, watch reed areas or areas where water has a medium adţncime (preferably to reach your waist, if pond). You can check with a stick. Once you have chosen the location, make sure you sprinkle a few bits of bait. Fish will be attracted to it, and your experience on the pond will be quite pleasant! Nada must have a strong smell (try small pieces of worms or bait homemade, which I wrote in the article "Sweet and bait Nade Spring"). Ajaţă the bait hook, put in nylon wire water movement seeks cork and ...
Ready fishing! Make sure you do not get caught impressive at first, but who knows, maybe you'll even get lucky!

Published in: aprilie 2013
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