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Is crap season and the fishermen rub their hands with joy! At this time of year, when the water temperature reaches 8-10 degrees, carps large hooks cling easier! And when we say "large" refer to specimens of 10-15 cm, a weight can reach 1.5. How not to be tempted to go for a little 'session' fishing in nearby lakes? Whether you are in Bucharest, the Danube Delta and the mountains, carp is one of the most generous shots of the period. Simple easy catch bait, and worms, molluscs and why not celebrate the grandparents samp ...

During this period, most can be found in muddy water, very poor oxygen that few fish would survive. Unlike other species, crucian surface can withstand several hours after being caught, especially if his scales are wrapped in a damp cloth to not dry. He feeds on larvae, crustaceans, molluscs or green eggs and spawning is done by the end of summer. A time when fishing for carp is fruitful, as practiced by the majority of anglers, be they beginners U.S. experienced! You need to fish for carp appropriate equipment, on which I present below:

Carp fishing equipment:

Regardless of the particular pool or lake, fishing for carp can be made with the float rod, rod of Mach, with lead on the bottom. For the ignorant, the match is stick the rod is fished in the style of sheffield (remote fishing wagger's in England). A stick that is constructed from a combination of poles of different lengths, which are to be found a number of rings (about 20).

Fishing rod

If you opt for fishing rod, you can choose from a long series of sizes, lead floats and many other connections required for a session to carp fishing pond. For a day carp fishing eficcientă, we opted for a rod of an pproximate length of 6 meters, extremely light, which help you to feel every movement or pulling fish. Main Line have chosen about 0.15 mm, 0.12 mm forfac. You can opt for more fine lines, but not necessarily a requirement or a necessity but a pleasure, I might add. Rafts we took the elongated version, with a port aprogimativ two grams. Not too heavy, nor too light. How thick natty, you can also use some busier but be careful how full. Not the other, but not to go too far into the water. Lead is important, so I open your eyes and chose the pieces of foliţă (three), and hooks were the numbers 10 to 14. Preferably, choose as small numbers of material as thin as bait to easily enter and be well positioned. Stretched wire !

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