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Fishermen take your lines and get ready for fishing! Waters were about completely thawed and the time is just right to come to a small fishing adventure! Whether you choose Bucharest lakes, rivers, mountain or opt for Delta areas, equip yourself properly and pay attention to the bait put in wallet. Even if the weather slowed, many species of fish still did not head out to the surface, and baits are the best weapon to ademeli even the most lazy swimmers. What bait to use in early spring and the fishing techniques we use?

Even if it is sunny, the temperatures at the beginning of March are not very friendly, which is why we must properly equipped toolbox for fishing! We need lures, bait (50% of breadcrumbs), earthworms (cut - are more effective), pasture, corn, thin needles, yarn thin monofilament alike. As fishing technique is recommended fishing fine line movements, small weights as much patience! Remember, even if we ourselves fishermen catch the excitement of spring, the fish are dezamorţeală period. So how much quieter caught, the more likely you will catch big!

Zander fishing - it's hard to catch in the summer months, but not impossible. May be attracted to baits such as worms or earthworms cut thin needles hanging on. Are very sensitive to movement, which is why you must be very careful to position the boat, heading towards the wind, which must constantly beat in the same direction, to disrupt fish chaotic movements. The lure can catch and which usually have a strong impact on them.

Carp fishing - carp spring are very active and can be seen in the sunniest areas of water. Cprielnice periods where Foraging, are at dawn and dusk, and are areas with deep water. As bait, bait baits are drawn based on fishmeal and Red Robin, corn or pasture.

Caras fishing - prefer food grains such as wheat and corn sprouts, worms, worms and other aquatic creatures can be found in the shallows, with depths between 20-40 cm, in addition to banks. Necessary equipment for fishing crass spring season should consist of 1-2 grams cork, hook no. 8 maximum, thin rod, balancing a drop lead with varnis, that a shot. It is recommended to use a feeder gently with a mild rod.


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